Are we changing under the influence of the internet?

You used to ask such a question, because it is very interesting and not always easy to answer it.

Are we changing under the influence of the internet?

But in my opinion the answer is quite simple. We change so often and we do not even know that the internet has made some changes to us. When browsing the web, we submit information that is contained on them and we are not able to escape them. It is often a small change that we can not really deal with it, but often the influence of fashion, the way we behave is very visible.

We should not worry about it, it’s a natural turn, because technological development is going to be a clear track and certainly things will go in that direction. Already companies, advertising agencies are just the way they are directed to us, so we often do not realize that this is an offer.

Probably it will be even more visible or intrusive in a moment, and probably nothing can be done about it. It is important that these changes of our behavior go with the spirit we want and that the information on our intranet sites is not obscured.


Our place of residence.

London and the whole of England has changed recently and it’s all in the best possible direction, so our streets change colors, graphics are generally available and it looks better.

This makes us better off living and living, and it makes us feel much better. It’s just about feeling good in the light that surrounds us, no matter where we live. Will it be London, Edinburgh or any smaller town, important to our surroundings?

This is huge for us. When we live in an environment that does not suit us very well, it carries a lot of unpleasant situations, and that generally affects us badly.

So let’s choose places that suit us in every way. Then surely our life will be much easier and more enjoyable.